Jovie by DADA

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Since infancy, Jovie has been immersed in the culture of local entrepreneurship. From pop-up markets to her family’s boutique storefront, Jovie has spent her whole life exposed to and learning the tricks of the trade. At 5 years old, she has decided it’s time to join ranks with dear ol’ Dad to start a business of her own. 
With a tiny business loan from Daddy, Jovie is taking the next steps to build her little retail empire.

As the the primary buyer in a new line of children’s apparel for DADA Boutique, Jovie has carefully curated her brand. Jovie by DADA is a clear reflection of the personal style of this 5 year-old fashionista. For kids, by a kid, Jovie keeps her collection full of beautiful colors, fun patterns, and trendy silhouettes.

Through this experience, Jovie hopes to get a better understanding of the many responsibilities of a business owner, learn how to balance and handle her funds, and have some fun exploring her personal take on fashion, while inspiring other kids to express themselves through their own personal style.

Please join us in welcoming Jovie by DADA!


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